The hard truths behind ‘easy care’ clothing.

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You’ve seen it before – clothing labelled as ‘easy care’ or anti-wrinkle’ or ‘anti-bacterial’ – and how brilliant, it’s just what we need to live our most-convenient lives! That is, of course, until we look a little deeper at what these features really mean.

 Easy care fabrics are usually saturated in chemicals like formaldehyde, triclosan and pre-fluorinated chemicals to give clothing anti-microbial, anti-odour or anti-wrinkle features.

While no wrinkles or static is appealing for daily wear, the chemical used to deliver these appealing features, formaldehyde, is also a highly toxic and a known carcinogen, as well as known to cause other issues like asthma, eczema, heart palpitations and skin ulcerations.

 So, what price are we really paying for ‘easy care’ clothing?

 When it comes to sustainable fashion, the kindest, healthiest and most rewarding option is to choose 100% natural, renewable fabrics like hemp or organic cotton. (The key here is 100% organic cotton, and not conventional GMO cotton.) And the clincher is buying better, and buying less.

Buy for purpose, not for convenience.

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