Are you a vegan advocate? Or do you know someone amazing who is?

Our mission is to share the positivity and power of living a vegan lifestyle. We’re not about profits, we’re about purpose.

The best way for us to achieve our purpose is to empower the vegan message through empowering those who are taking real, strategic, impactful action.

Vegan Ambassador

 To us, being a vegan advocate is about more than just the images you post on social media. It’s about living and breathing veganism. It’s about sharing the vegan message in a positive and proactive way. It’s about exposing animal abuse and environmental impact, and educating others about the true impact our choices have on the world we live in.

We believe real people can make a real difference. That’s why we want to use our business as a way to support those who work tirelessly on the ground, uncovering hard truths and rallying troops for a better world. We’re talking about the documentary makers, the activists, the protestors, the lobbyists, the business owners, the retailers, the event organisers, the researchers, the disruptors and the decision makers. There is no ‘one-face’ of veganism. We’re in this together.

Are you working towards sharing the vegan message through educating the world?  We may be able to help! 

Apply today, and we'll be in touch to discuss ways we can help, which may include free or discounted product, collaboration on future designs and products, or financial support.

1. Fill out this form (name, Instagram handle, Facebook page, email address) and submit.
2. We’ll review your social page/s, to ensure you’re a great fit for the Vegan Scout Advocate Program! 
3. If you're successful we'll be in touch to discuss ways we can work together to generate real and positive change. 
Although we would love to assist everyone in their fight for animal liberation, please understand that we are a small business and resources may be limited.