Vegan Scout Activism Pack

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FREE Vegan Scout Activism Packs 

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To help you in your activism, Vegan Scout has created bundles of activist cards to spark conversations. In everyday life, there are thousands of micro opportunities to inspire and educate those you know and those you don’t as your paths cross. Use these cards in your daily life, walking the dog, ordering your coffee, visiting the doctor, and leave a trail of inspiration everywhere you go.

For a limited time, we’re giving our Activism Packs for FREE.  You only have to pay the postage!
There are four card designs in each bundle, either targeting restaurants, asking triggering questions, or directing people to eye-opening documentaries.
Pack includes 50 cards
Maximum 4 packs per person

Restaurant cards (Green)
Say thanks to a café or restaurant for serving vegan options. Leave this card at the counter, with your bill, or in the tip jar, so the business knows how important vegan options are to their customers and that you will tell your network about their business.

Drop cards (Red)
People can have moments of realisation even during mundane everyday activities. Help spark these moments, by dropping these cards anywhere other people could find them. At your local café, in the doctor’s waiting room, at your dog park…

Resource cards (Yellow)
When you’ve been asked about veganism but can’t sum up the social movement in a brief conversation, this card lists documentaries, TedTalks and YouTube videos, as well as influential vegans to follow. Give this card to anyone interested in veganism, to help guide them towards the truth.

Dominion flyers (Pink)
Dominion is a powerful Australian animal rights documentary that explores the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom. Explore your neighbourhood, drop these cards into letterboxes and let Dominion open the eyes of those around us.

Share your cards. Plant those seeds. Grow the vegan message.
Vegan Scout Activism Pack
Vegan Scout Activism Pack
Vegan Scout Activism Pack
Vegan Scout Activism Pack
Vegan Scout Activism Pack